Places to Visit in Otsego County

Otsego County is located between Chenango and Schoharie Counties. Its main cities are Cooperstown with a population of 1,770 (2016) and Oneonta with a population of 13,955 people (2016). Cooperstown is home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame which gathers thousands of people every year into a very small town. The National Baseball Hall of Fame features a wax museum of sculptures portraying as modern and past baseball players. There also plaques for the 223 people who are in the Baseball Hall of Fame, they range from former baseball players, managers and even umpires. Every year there is a Hall of Fame weekend where the nominees for the Hall of Fame Class of that year get inducted into the Hall of Fame. This year, the Hall of Fame Weekend is from July 27 -30.

Cooperstown not only has the National Baseball Hall of Fame, it has the Farmer’s Museum which is an outdoor farm with actors who play as shopkeepers, sheriffs, farmers, and etc from the 1800’s. It’s a very popular family-friendly attraction, and there are always things to do in the museum, the actors teach the crowd how they do their job whether it’s so blacksmith, farm, make medicine, or just build houses.


Farmers' Museum
Farmers’ Museum in Cooperstown

Cooperstown also has the Fenimore Art Museum which concentrates mostly on Native American, American Folk and Fine Art and it’s located right in front of the Farmer’s Museum. The paintings in this museum come from painters like Gilbert Stuart, Benjamin West, and Lavern Kelley, and as of right now they have a painting from Thomas Cole which is “Thomas Cole and the Garden of Eden”.

Garden of Eden
Thomas Cole and The Garden of Eden 

If you want to look a Natural Landmarks, there is Otsego Lake which is right on Cooperstown. Otsego Lake is a rather large lake that has access to fishing as well as a beach Northeast of the Lake called Glimmerglass State Park.  Otsego Lake is also the start of the Susquehanna River which is the main source of the Chesapeake Bay.


Beach Glimmerglass State Park summer 2008
Otsego Lake as seen from the beach in Glimmerglass State Park


Almost all of the tourist attractions in Otsego County are in Cooperstown and since most of them are recognized nationally, Cooperstown is ranked #2 for Small Town to Visit in the United States.


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